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Staff Directory – Saginaw CAC Main Office – Perkins St. (989-753-7741)

Administration (ext. 211)
Central Intake (ext. 201)
Finance Department (ext. 208)
Finance Manager (ext. 210)

Commodity Food and Nutrition (ext. 219)
Community Housing Development Organization (CHDO) (ext. 230)
Deliverable Fuel (ext. 219)
Dream Catchers for Life (399-9927)
Elderly and Disabled Home Repairs Program (ext. 230)
Emergency Services (ext. 216)
Hall Rental (ext. 211)
Housing Counseling (ext. 217 or 219)
Income Tax Assistance (ext. 210)
Michigan Enrolls (ext. 229)
Minority Senior Outreach (ext. 215, 222, 225 or 228)
Rebuilding Together (230)
Urban Gardening (ext. 219)
Weatherization Program (ext. 201)

Staff Directory - Community Learning Center – 1443 E. Genesee
(989-399-9927) or (989-921-0469)

Administration (ext. 2225)
Dream Catchers for Life Case Manager (ext. 2230)
Dream Catchers for Life Case Manager (ext. 2229)
Job Developer (ext. 2231)
Technology Instructor (ext. 2239)

Saginaw County CAC Board of Directors

Public Sector
Amos O'Neal
Dennis L. Morrison
Vanessa Guerra

Private Sector
Eugene Smith Jr.
Charles Taylor
Theresa Plowden
John Falls

Representative Low-Income Sector
Yalonda Freeman
Tionna Watkins